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ex-wife of rockstar, david bowie: angela bowie.

with the money she got in the divorce, she had built a breeding farm for arabic breeds of horses and published last year a poem- and memoir-book, with the title Free Spirit. despite of many rumours, she doesn't cry about the memory of her husband, but writes in content agressively and formally rather unconventionally. she doesn't create art, because she is the ex-wife, she was rather born an artist.

angie: i believe that people are either born as artists or muses (?). While others can become successfully very quickly for example in a technical branch, but an artist has to free their spirit first and has to let their talent flow, their painting, writing or music. when you are an artist you need time to become famous, because you have to choose your field and then find your often tangled way. Free Spirit, the title of my book, is refering to that. i don't create art for my on pleasure, i want to become an established artist and earn my living with it.

on the ....... tour in los angelos. angela bowie feels connected to the street theatres and rather prefers reciting her poems in a way of rap in a clothing department of a department store instead of concert venues. the root of all evil in angela bowie's poems: wealth and money.

angie: wealth without motivation is extremely destructive, it leads to boredem and when people are bored, they become self-destructive. they develop a negative kind of creativity, a nihilistic philosophy and a disgusting indifference to the rest of the world. the ideals are of course the real collectivism (?), but i have not found one on all my travels where the distribution of collectivism is equal. some pigs are always more equal than others.

she accuses her ex-husband, who is presetly in the studio recording a new album and who is planning a european tour for this year, of exactly that destruction. wealth and boredom had made him becomesomething like ..... a mick jagger, the title of the song Angie and the end of their marriage. (?)

david: to take this side of the ideas, to expand them more, and to bring them as far as possible, to hold yourself physically and mentally in a dangerous position, had alwas been the base of my work. my relationship to women had been a lot of fun till now, so there wouldn't be anything like this in this relationship.

angie: maybe our ideals had been right, but maybe my karma just wasn't good enough to make these ideas successful. or maybe it was david's, but i know that i have to become very established. i was just speaking with david and that had been a very disappointing experience. in the end i had a feeling as if all the energy had been sucked out of my body. it was terrible...i didn't like it...
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